Emma’s journey to emotional freedom, using EFT & Hypnotherapy. I felt I needed help and as I gone through some major changes in my life and I wanted to feel better about myself.

I wasn’t sure what would happen and it was an unexpected experience, from my first session I went from feeling un-relaxed to feeling comfortable. I found the whole experience moving and releasing. It has helped more than anything I have tried in the last 10 years. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Freedom change your life

Freedom, change your life

This was the best therapy I have experienced, Emma is professional, calm and absolutely pitches the session exactly right.

Thank You from everywhere! I never thought for a single minute it would work, but I managed to sit still (almost), release feelings I didn’t understand or even know I had, and, more amazingly, I haven’t had a drink for 8 weeks!

Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking

Jim’s experience in Quitting Smoking, using Hypnotherapy. On the 1st of May 2012 I was a person addicted to tar and nicotine in the form of 25 marlboro light cigarettes per day, COSTING me roughly £9.75 per day, £68.25 per week, £273.00 per month £3276 per annum!!! and more importantly I was spending all this money to do untold damage to my health.

On the 2nd of May I went for my pre booked hypnotherapy session with Emma, On the 3rd of may I began SAVING £9.75 per day, £68.25 per week, £273.00 per month and £3276 per annum and more importantly the damage I was doing to my health ceased and the damage already done began to heal. All I can say To Emma is a huge thankyou and to recommend her techniques whole heartedly to anyone who wants to cease to being a slave to tar and nicotine and to pay for that slavery with hard earned money and priceless health.

Jim’s journey continued ….. 16 weeks later Jim’s enjoying being a non smoker, he’s been on holiday with the money he’s saved and is feeling fitter….

Marks Journey to losing weight……with Hypnotherapy Gastric Band

Hypnotherapy Gastric Band

Hypnotherapy Gastric Band

My wife put me in touch with Emma as we thought that if we both had treatment for losing weight we can support each other and one wouldn’t be sat there eating chocolate cake whilst the other trying to be good.

I had all the best intentions but never really had the drive to start and so saw this as a good method to kick-start a new healthier lifestyle. I have never been hypnotised before or tried this type of therapy before but I was open minded to its success.

Emma put me very much at ease, she clearly explained what was going to happen and made me feel comfortable about the therapy.

Following treatment for food aversion, to help with my attraction to Chocolate I found that I immediately had no desire at all, I even tested myself because I couldn’t quite believe how little I wanted it and I just ended up spitting it out. That was nearly six weeks ago and to date I haven’t eaten any chocolate and what is best is that I haven’t wanted or missed it either. Not only has chocolate disappeared from my diet but also my whole attitude towards food has changed and I have found myself naturally eating more fruit and salads as well as choosing healthier options when available.

I also undertook the >hypnotherapy gastric band treatment, again with immediate affects. It has changed my eating behaviour in every way including why, how, when and most importantly what.

I found that I simply couldn’t eat the same quantity as before so gradually my portion sizes have reduced. No longer is it pizza and fast food either instead the fridge is full of salad and low calorie foods. I also found that three set meals a day was enough and no more need for snacking. It has been a gradual process which seems natural and certainly doesn’t seem to be a huge effort in fact I find myself positively avoiding bad choices in favour of a healthier option.

It has been six weeks since I started my treatment, I didn’t weigh myself to start with but I can already see the difference in my clothes and my belt is two notches tighter already, I feel better and am now even more motivated to exercise to increase my healthier lifestyle.

As a clear example of how well this is working I have even been told by other guys that I am losing weight and we all know how little notice blokes take of such things…. please call Emma on 07824 314456 to see how you can start your journey to losing weight.

Sandra’s comments after hypnotherapy session

Hypnotherapy weight loss

‘I would like to thank you for last Friday, I felt better than I have done for ages. I have just weighed myself and I have lost 3lbs I can’t believe it! I am going to slimming world but what you did has made all the difference..’ Thank you Sandra

Mark’s comments after his Quit Smoking session 3 months on… using Hypnotherapy smoking cessation. The non-smoking is going great, haven’t even been near one since our ‘little chat’. I’ve passed on your details to loads of people!! Thank you.

Natalie’s Phobia of Spiders. ‘I can’t thank you enough it’s changed my life, amazing sessions and I can honestly say it’s change my way of thinking’ Natalie’s comments after her PHOBIA OF SPIDERS therapy sessions. Natalie came to me with a fear of spiders that was controlling her life in every way, every thought she was thinking was about spiders, she scanned every space for spiders, she got to a point where she was struggling to go out, this is when she decided she wanted to change and overcome her fear. After her first EFT session Natalie found she could think about them and even picture them, which is something she’d previously not been able to do without having a panic attack, she left feeling like she had been freed. At her next appointment she came in smiling from ear to ear saying that she had picked up a moved a spider from her cupboard! After only two sessions Natalie had overcome her fear and changed her life.

Anna’s thoughts following her weight loss programme using EFT and hypnotherapy….‘The most powerful, thought provoking, relaxing experience in my life’ in a peaceful and relaxing setting. ‘I would recommend this to everyone I know who wants to lose weight and is ready to learn more about themselves! It is a truly amazing, positive, relaxing and most importantly I achieved my weight loss goal!’

Read Dave’s comments about his weight loss and improving his fitness…

‘Excellent, calming and relaxing’. Emma made me think about the things I hadn’t realised I needed to, which I can change to reach my goals’ I really found the Hypnotherapy and EFT a great success and would recommend to anyone wishing to take control of their weight or other aspects of the life including helping with regaining fitness. Thanks Dave.

Sue’s story, she wanted to address her weight, health and smoking issues…

Sue’s comments after her recent therapy session: I found it really helpful, particularly linking food and smoking & exercise and my fall. The hypnotherapy was an extremely strange, but an uplifting experience. Overall I feel extremely positive and I know I am on the right track. I’m taking things one day at a time. No chocolates or overeating or fatty foods for me since Friday, so something is definitely changing!

I would certainly recommend this to anyone and everyone who has issues with food, their weight, smoking and probably a whole host of other issues! I think this therapy addresses not only ‘losing weight’ or ‘smoking’ (as with slimming clubs or smoking cessation sessions) but the underlying reasons and causes for overeating and smoking etc. Brilliant!

If I had to sum up my experience today, it would be Enjoyable, Bizarre! and Calming. ‘Focusing on the two options of fat’, ‘Ray Winstone’ lookalike, fag ash Lil in tent skirt, compared to svelte, ‘Barbie-esque’, happy, fag-free, slim Sue wearing leggings was so helpful. Its early days but I’m positive and very hopeful, the delivery of the session was fantastic. You have a calm, warm voice and you’re so polite since I know I can be a bit of a chatterbox! Warm wishes and thank you. Sue

Quit Smoking

Smoke free

Jean smoked 20 a day for the last 40 years and decided that she wanted to stop smoking so she can see her Grandchildren grow up and be able to run round with them! plus save the money to go on a trip of a life time to New Zealand. After her smoking cessation hypnotherapy and EFT session with Emma, Jean had stopped smoking, left with no desire to smoke and felt wonderful. Jean said ‘the session was brilliant, she would recommend this to all her friends & family and I can smell fresh clean air! and I feel so light like I’ve lost weight and my chest is clear too’.

Lynsey’s journey to improving her self confidence and losing weight..
with Hypnotherapy and Inner Repatterning

I have been working with Emma for almost two months and feel like I have changed quite a lot in this time.

I have had some success in the past with hypnotherapy, but my achievements this time are amazing. I have never been a confident person and I would not say that I am the ‘life and soul’ of the party now, but I feel more confident in social situations than I have ever done before and also feel like I can express my feelings more clearly now.

I originally started seeing Emma, to help me lose weight, I knew exactly what I needed to do, but couldn’t seem to put it into practice. There was an awful lot of self-sabotage happening. We worked on this using hypnotherapy and I feel like a changed person since. I am able to Just do it, I can’t really say what as changed. I just have. I find that I am not talking myself out of doing things, I am making promises to myself and keeping them.

It has been three weeks since my last hypnotherapy session and in that time, I haven’t missed one planned training session, my food choices have been perfect and easy. I have lost 21cm and my clothes are feeling much looser.

Stress & Anxiety free

I have also hit a couple of targets that I gave myself to complete by the end of the year. I would recommend Emma to anyone who asks for this kind of therapy. I am more than happy with the progress we made and feel like I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Thanks Emma.

Stephen’s journey to help with his stress and anxiety around his marriage using EFT & Inner Repatterning.

I initially contacted Emma as I was having marital problems and I felt stressed and anxious all the time, I wanted to seek an alternative to counseling and that’s when I spoke to Emma.

Emma makes you feel very relaxed warm and welcome which helps you to get the best out of your therapy sessions, the overall experience is mind relaxing, soothing and stress free and has helped me in many ways without actual realizing it. I have found the experience a great help with every day activities to my own personal experiences and I rarely feel stressed or anxious anymore and if I do I use EFT & Inner Repatterning techniques, I would highly recommend the therapy. Thank you very much.

Life coaching Clare back into the world of work!

Clare is a mum returning to work after a 4 year career break and she wanted to reduce the stress & guilt that had built up, come up with a plan and increase her self confidence. Clare said that she left the sessions “feeling positive and energised, believing that I could achieve what I wanted”.

“I would recommend to anyone who is at a bit of a crossroads in their life/career or someone who just needs to think/talk things through in a calm logical manner.  Many professionals could do with a coach/mentor to help them achieve what they want, Emma may just help you realize what it is you want!”

“Thank you so much for making me feel so much better about myself, I completely accept myself, whilst knowing where I need to improve/develop going forward.”  In the month following our sessions Clare secured a number of interviews and has also now accepted her perfect position.


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