Inner RePatterning

Inner Repatterning

What is EFT Inner RePatterning?

EFT Inner RePatterning is a safe, gentle approach developed by Tania Prince and June K Spencer. EFT Inner RePatterning can clear issues without analyzing them, unlike other therapies it doesn’t require you to relive the experience over and over again.

EFT Inner RePatterning works by balancing the bodies energy system. People think that when they have carried a problem around with them for many years that it will take a similar number of years to release the problem. EFT Inner RePatterning is a fast, safe approach to resolving your problems quickly and easily.

How does EFT Inner RePatterning Work?

Your subconscious mind holds all your beliefs and long term memories. Your conscious mind controls your daily activities, short term memory and willpower. EFT Inner RePatterning works by bypassing your conscious mind and tapping into your subconscious mind.

When starting a new challenge, how many of us initially have the best willpower in the world only for it to fail us after a short period of time? EFT Inner Repatterning is a simple process for releasing the past, releasing the negative emotions that we have hung onto for many years. It works by living fully in the “now” and it helps us to transform the future whilst living in the moment in a place of presence.

What does EFT Inner RePatterning Work On?

EFT Inner RePatterning can work on a variety of problems, help CLEAR BLOCKS both emotionally and physically.

Imagine what it would be like if you could release your negative emotions, picture yourself a year from now…. how would that feel?……..What would you be doing differently?

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