Hypnotherapy Gastric Band

Lose weight with hypnotherapy

“Empowering you to lose weight!”

Hypnotherapy Gastric Band is a hypnotherapy treatment designed for people who are serious about wanting to lose weight, plus wanting to change your behaviours / habits when it comes to over eating. Hypnotherapy Gastric Band works by using the power of your sub conscious mind to convince you that you have had a gastric band fitted but without the fears, risks, cost (gastric band surgery can be very expensive costing up to £8,000) and side effects of going through the actual surgical procedure!

Lose weight with our gastric-band hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Gastric Band is intended for people who are over weight wanting to loose more than 2 stone and/or have BMI of 35 or over*. Although this therapy isn’t a quick fix, nor a miracle cure, it is designed to create a different relationship with food and maybe alcohol, where you will eat smaller portions and enjoy generally a healthier diet. A number of life changes are required throughout this therapy which we will guide you through.

Hypnotherapy Gastric Band will typically take approximately 4 sessions to complete which can be done either on consecutive days or on a weekly basis.

Session 1 – Preparation for weight loss

Background talk about your attitude to food and diet, willingness to make the life changes, your target or goal weight, food & exercise diary, explain how the hypnotherapy gastric band works, blood pressure, Hypnotherapy session in preparation for your weight loss.

Session 2 – Reinforcement for your weight loss

Discuss your successes since your last session, talk through your food & exercise dairy, hypnotherapy session to reinforce the changes you are making in your life.

Session 3 – Pre-hypnotherapy gastric band surgery

Discuss how the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band is going to work, discuss being over weight and the risks, talk about having a smaller stomach.

Session 4 – The Gastric band operation

The operation, plus we will give you post gastric band dietary advice note.

Follow up sessions, include after session check-up typically 8 weeks after the operation, tweaking the band or loosening or removal of the band.

If I ask you, I wonder where you will be in 5 years time? What do you picture? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you are your ideal size and weight…

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