About Us

About Us

At Holistic Health Therapies we believe that our mental health and wellbeing is so important in the way we think and feel about ourselves and others, our confidence, and our ability to control things in our lives. We want to help empower you to take control of your wellbeing.

We specialise in the following complementary therapies Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Inner Repatterning and NLP. These therapies can help with Stress, Anxiety, Losing Weight, Stopping / Quitting Smoking, Panic Attacks, Self Confidence, Low Self-Esteem, Grief, Eating Disorders, Phobias, Depression, Insomnia, Sleeping, Stammers, Fears such as fear of flying and many more.

Founded by Emma McCarthy

Emma McCarthy founded Holistic Health Therapies on sheer passion, experience and belief in complementary therapies, seeing first hand the emotional relief and freedom that can be achieved, often with immediate results. As a qualified EFT, Hypnotherapy and NLP master practitioner, Emma is passionate about our wellbeing and empowering us to self heal with the use of EFT, Inner Repatterning and Hypnotherapy helping us to live our best possible life.

Having personally spent over 20 years within fast paced sales environments, working at both manager and director level, she can appreciate how sometimes stress / anxiety can lead to feeling unwell, sleepless nights and illness, this is why working with her can help you obtain your emotional freedom. She creates and delivers bespoke wellbeing packages for individuals and businesses in helping reducing stress, anxiety and tension.

Following her career within the recruitment sector she also works closely with individuals wanting to make a career change to guide them through what can often be a stressful and changeable time, overcoming interview nerves and creating well formed goals, combining this with the use of Hypnotherapy & EFT to help overcome any obstacles for a more successful job search or interview.

Registered Organisations:

A member of The British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP
A member of The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies. 
A member of The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. 
A member of The Federation of Small Businesses
. A member of Forward Ladies Networking, Leeds.

Useful information and sites:

Registered with Hypnotherapy Directory

Inner RePatterning

Find out more about the complimentary therapies we offer:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in Leeds and Saddleworth

– a psychological form of acupuncture (without the needles!) based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat habits, phobias, fears and emotional problems, such as fear of flying, eating disorders, weight loss, blushing, stopping smoking, exam nerves, relationship issues, stuttering, depression, low self-esteem and reducing stress. EFT can be carried out in person, over the phone or on skype. Emma has been trained by Tania Prince one of the 29 EFT masters around the world originally trained by Gary Craig. Read more about EFT..

Hypnotherapy in Leeds and Saddleworth

– simply the use of hypnosis to enable you to take control of feelings, behaviours, habits and self-image. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic therapy for working with people who want to lose weight, quit smoking, alcohol abuse, anger management, confidence building, depression, blushing, public speaking, anxiety and reducing stress. See Mark’s Testimonial below when he came to see Emma at our Saddleworth therapy room to lose weight. Read more about Hypnotherapy..

Hypnotherapy Gastric Band in Leeds and Saddleworth

– hypnotherapy weight loss. What an amazing and gentle technique to assist you in losing weight by using the power of your mind! Altering those habbits and beliefs you have carried around for so long and now you can take control of….. Find out more..

NLP in Leeds and Saddleworth

– therapy for mind improvement. NLP can help you achieve excellent results by aspiring to successful role models, understanding your values and beliefs, allowing you to have a life altering experience. Read more about NLP..

Inner Re-Patterning in Leeds and Saddleworth

– a gentle approach that can clear issues without the need for in-depth analysis. Inner Re-Patterning is an approach that works via the bodies energy system and the power of your mind. Read more about Inner Re-Patterning..

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Contact us on 07824 314456
Office: Leeds 0113 238 5597 Saddleworth 01457 761061 Manchester 0161 300 1608

At Holistic Health Therapies we welcome clients from across Leeds, Wakefield, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Saddleworth, Lancashire, Manchester & Cheshire.


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